How do we book you and what deposit is required to secure our day?
I consider a client to be fully booked once I have received a signed copy of my contract and the 20% deposit (For a wedding Package). Contact me directly to get this process underway. 

When do I have to pay the outstanding balance of our package by?
The package has to be paid in full two weeks before the wedding or shoot. If the booking is made within two weeks of the date, I will require the entire payment on booking. 

Where are you based?
I'm based on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney! But it's very normal for me to travel all over Sydney for a wedding and am available to travel interstate and internationally.

How long do I have to wait to receive my photos?
I work on a 6-8 week turn around period from wedding day to clients receiving their photos. For smaller jobs, around half the time. 

What do we receive?
You receive a beautifully curated and edited digital album of photos online. These are high resolution copies so you can view, download and print all from there. Also an easy way to show friends and family your photos! 

Why do all your packages include a second photographer?
I strongly believe a second photographer is hugely beneficial to a wedding day! Having two photographers allows for the best coverage of the day, making it possible to capture such things as both the bride and grooms preparation photos. As well as providing complimentary angles and perspectives of the entire day. They are also necessary support for myself as I do my best to capture everything on the day, sometimes under a very tight schedule. 

How much time should we allocate in our wedding schedule for the location photos?
The time required will depend on the number of locations. If we are only shooting at the wedding venue, allow 1-2 hours, but if you want to travel between locations, 2-3 hours is best. Otherwise, i'll do my best with however much time i'm given. 

What is the best kind of weather for photographs?
Believe it or not, overcast! So if you wake up on your wedding day and it's not sunny, don't despair. With an overcast day, it creates great tones on faces and skin, whereas a sunny day creates unwanted shadows on your face. 

What's your favourite season to photograph in?
To be honest, I love each season for different reasons. Plus each season has it's own pro's and con's. So if you plan well for the time of year your wedding is in, you can have amazing photos! For example, summer sun is typically a lot harsher, so i'd suggest scheduling your location photos to be around dusk to ensure softer light. 

Are you a natural light or flash photographer?
If there's natural light available, then absolutely natural light! I consider myself a fine art photographer, and the skilful use of natural light comes into that a lot. But once the dance floor starts up, then the flash comes out! 

Do you offer videography?
Not personally! But I can recommend some very talented videographers. 

Can I share my photos with friends and family?
Absolutely! What good is it having a whole gallery of nice photo's if you can't show anyone! Go crazy on Instagram & Facebook ;) 

Do you offer any combined packages with wedding vendors? Say, a florist? 
I am currently working on a combined photography and floristry package for my wedding clients. In the mean time I can recommend very talented florists that can make the most amazing bouquets, arches, crowns and the like!

Questions not answered? No worries! Please feel free to send me an email at via my contact page with any further questions or queries you may have.